Monday, January 16, 2006

I hope this is it!

Well I tryed something new today. I striped dathen to bare bumb and wanted to see if he would use the potty, and it worked every time. He did not miss once! so now where do I go from here, I can not take him out naked. I have a few ideas but for the next few days we are just going to take the time at home to be naked, and see how it goes.
Mean while Kyler is teething. Dathen never really complaind about his teeth so this is something new to use. we are learning as we go. With teething gel and tylonal we are getting throw it slowly. Poor little guy!! I feel for him.
Other then being tiered and wishing the kids would sleep in just a little bit I am doing great.
Kev feels lucky to get out 5 days a week :) and is still injoying his job. We are making lots of planes to finish unpacking the office, but they are taking there time happening. Mean while my photos are pileing up waiting for me. Last count 259, I really need some time to get to them! and soon.

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