Tuesday, September 19, 2006

kylers 3 words

I belive most kids first words are ma, da, maybe a brother or sisiters name, not Kyler. No he has 3 very different first words. That, Touch and Day. He will point at something and say "that" meaning he wants it. We will walk in the mall and he points and says "touch" meaning he want to touch it and see what it feels like. Then we have "day" or "da" which means Dathen. Those are his first words, not mom, dad, cat, in or out, no it that, touch and day. But he sure know what no means, and will tell you he is not happy about it loud and clear!
Oh on another note, mom (me) broke her nose today. And again it was a silly way to do it, (is there a good way too?) I closed my car trunk and hit my face on the way down. I am sore but will be ok. I hit my head to and have a nice big goose egg on my forhead. I actually had a women in the store say "you don't have to take that from any man you know". I did not think I looked that bad and when I told her what happend I don't think she belived me.


Blondie said...

OUCH!! Take care of yourself my friend!! I had that happen once - did a face plant off my bike and ended up at the ER waiting to get in - some cops came in and gave me a look that said "don't worry ma'am - we'll get him next time". Funny!! I hope it is not too sore!

Nice to see the updates again - sorry I missed you when you came to town!!

Anonymous said...

And you thought my grandson would use the same first words as "MOST" other children....HEY he is very special and should have different words!! Darn it seems I didn't give him enough suckers when I kept saying GRANDPA !

Tahk care of my daughter - she is the only one I have :)

Anonymous said...

Ouchers! I hope you're going to be ok!

Kyler's first words are not so strang--they seem to serve him well. Char's first words were "All done"--not mom or dad. Richard's was "Snagglepuss"

Take care,

Bill_ and_Gerda said...

Please becarefull i hate to come to brandon just to bail out my nephew love Gerda