Tuesday, October 31, 2006

trick or treat

well that was not so bad we were only out for 40 min this year. Dathen said he was done and his friend Jackson was good too. They came home and played outside for 30 min then I had to get them in the house to warm up. They were both dressed for the weather but by playing in the snow makeing snow angels and sleding they got a little wet. they are more fun in the snow. Dathen did have a good time and really did not get too much candy, some will be used for the pinyata at his party but he can have most of it. Now if you include all the stuff he got from grandma Pratt then we have alot of candy!! But Dathen loved it, I am not sure if he will let me get rid of the pumkin. He likes him a lot! He and Grandpa Pratt carved it on the weekend and he is proud of it! he wanted to take it for show and tell today. I said I would get him a pictuer of it to take soon.
Well its late and I did not eat enough sugar to keep me awake much longer so good night all and have a great halloween

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