Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kyler and Food

Kyler thinks its ok to eat really food now, he is getting into it slowly. As long as he can #1 get it him self and #2 eat it while walking around the house. He loves it when I open the fridge and he gets in there and grabs an apple or orange and runs away to eat it. Now an apple I don't mind so much but oranges.... he will not let me peal them, and they are so juice you can follow his drip marks all over the house. Oh and he also loves pizza, again as long as he can walk around will it. My no food in any room other then the kitchen is fast dieing! Dathen now eats luch on tv tables. It s the only why he will eat lunch at all. And now kyler just takes food on the go. How do you get them to set at the table? I should not complain they both set at the dinner table for at lest 5 min a night, eating or not. I guess or I hope it will just come with time.
We went to see Jacksons new house in Carbary today, its a 35 min ride door to door. But I have come up with some great ideas to keep the boys bussy! #1 food is always good, but food on a table in the car... thats just cool. I put a tv table in the car that slides right up to him so he can put his food on it or color on it or just play cars on it. #2 idea was read along stories, I only found 3 on ebay, lion king, monsters inc, ,and bugs life and payed $40 or all of them with shipping. They came from the UK. But it was worth it Dathen loves them! He read along with the lion king 3 times already. And Kyler is just a book worm he even likes the books. I just need another tv table now.

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Blondie said...

Well, one of my favorite sayings is "pick your battles". Thing with food is habitual. Depends on which habits you want them to have. If you want them to eat at the table you have to be consistent - if you want them to eat in a certain spot - you get to make the rules, if they're hungry, they'll eat - where YOU want them to. It all depends on which battle you want to fight and when you want to fight it. They'll figure out pretty quick what they have to do if they want to eat. Is it worth the battle? Only you can say... The TV can always be the "after" lunch treat...

Heard enough yet?? :)