Sunday, April 22, 2007

Boys growing up so fast!!

Kyler is now 19 months and puts on his own rubber boots and is trying really hard to get his sandles on too. He would dress himself I think if he could figure it out how to. We have stopped nursing in the night with Kyler now for 2 nights and its getting better. It is hard to do becuase he cryed alot the first few nights, but it is getting better.

Dathen will not go and get a hair cut!! ( He wants to grow it as long as Aunty Heidis) Ever time I try its a huge fight, I will try again later this week. He has made a new friend, Caylee, she lives one house away. Dathen loves it!! She is 8 years old, and reminds me why I did not want a girl :) The first night they played till bed time Dathen said good by and gave her a hug and kiss, she proseeded to make a awfel face and wipe her cheek, "yuck", before walking away. This did not seem to bother Dathen at all.

Dathen is such a smart kid!! He will not cross the street with out looking, he waits till I tell him he can, he will not be coaxed across by friends, and he checks 2 times. What a good kid!!
Kyler on the other had almost got hit by a car tonight. He just walked right out on to the street. Ok well maybe the car was a good 5 houses away, but still it scared me!!!!

We have had a great weekend out in the sun and playing in the yard, I am so glade summer is here! The boys and I are out from moning till night. And everyone getts a bath at night includiing the dog. Dathen and Kyler were helping us dig up the garden space and finding worms and they found out Alis will chase mud being tossed just like she does with snow. So I had a gray dog in about 2 min, but she and the boys were having a good time.


Anonymous said...

Yes they have a habit of growing up much faster than we would like. Heck the next thing you know you and Kevin will become stupid and stay that way until the boys are around 21. Then you no sooner get smart again and BINGO you are a grandparent!!
Set every possible second aside for them (as I know you will)"hold em, hug em, and love em".

Remember that growing kids should go fishing with their grandpa :)

Blondie said...

sounds like you are having wonderful full days! I'm so happy for the life you guys are making yourselves out there. Though it was a sad occassion, I was really glad to see you this weekend, I always like catching up.

take care,