Tuesday, July 24, 2007

hand cuffs

I woke up the other day to my boys playing nicely in the other room so I got comfie and was headed back to sleep when Dathen comes over to my side of the bed and said "mom look" I open one eye and there is Kyler with hand cuffs on. Trying to pull his hands apart and starting to get frustrated and made. Poor little guy I picked him and and could not get them off. The quick realse was not working. Dathen ran to get the keys and Kyler at this time is starting to cry, Kev wakes up and looks what is going on, "want me to get them off?" he asks. "YA" I say. He gives them a good pull and off they come just as Dathen comes back with the keys.
Ahhh boys will be boys!! and lest he did not have him cuffed to the bed or something.


Anonymous said...

JUST WAIT........this is just the start :)

Glad to hear my grandsons are regular boys!


Blondie said...

love all these updates! you are on a roll!! those kids are hilarious!