Sunday, July 22, 2007

swimming, first sentice

To try to get out of this heat we went swimming yesterday. a indoor pool because kevs back is still sour in the sun. The pool we went to had a water slide, that once we got Dathen to go down once we could not get him to stop!! He had a swining rope into the pool, again dathen loved this! it had a small slide for kyler, how would not stop going down even after hitting his head. Floating boats, basketball nets and balls, cllimbing iceburg (we did not try this, kids to small still) and lots of other kids. The offered life jackets for those how wanted one and after awhile dathen took one but kyler never wanted one!! We had a great time and keeped cool in this 34 degerie weather.

Kyler was telling me about what happend when he got hurt today, how his brother did something to him and it hurt, I looked at him and said "why did your brother do this" expecting Dathen to chime in with the answer. Instead Kyler looked at me and said very clearly "I don't know why he hurt me". I was blown away by this. Not only did he know what i was asking but he clearly knew the answer and how to say it. WOW his speck is coming for fast!! look out grandma and grandpa soon he will be telling you all sorts of things and you better be listing!!!

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