Thursday, August 23, 2007

early morning risers

Today the boys got up nice and early, Kyler started to try to get up at 4 and finally got out of bed at 5:30 to go to his brothers room wake him and and play.
Kev and I being to tiered to get up after a bad nights sleep told Dathen we were not going to get up till 6:45 this was at 6:00 we told him this. He did great! the boys played for the most part nice a quietly, and happy. Then promply at 6:45 they came to get us out of bed. Kev and I relucktinly gave in and got out of bed. First stop was downstairs was to food for the boys, then bathroom, then............ oh no what is that by the computer,..... why is the floor yellow (for those that don't know I have dark blue rug). Kyler was painting... ahhhhhhhh!!!! oh but look he had a piece of paper out and most of the paint was on that. Oh what a good boy on paper (and my rug). Ok deep breath my own falt for not getting up with him. ok is kids paint so it should come out easily, but first the bathroom.
Clean up time, get wet cloth, spot remover, and baby wipes. Started with damp cloth, not bad got alot of it out, then baby wipes, "what the?" they are all yellow. I look at kyler and see just a little yellow on his feet and hands. "I clean" he says. He had tryed to clean it up with the baby wipes on his own and then put the used ones back in the box. What a sweetie. I am taking this all really well because of the lack of sleep. ok bottom of the wipes box, use those, yellow is almost all gone now. Spot remover and we are done. What do I have left to show for this.... a nice yellow painting, and a big laugh. Sorry this the only picture it was to early in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

SO HE NEEDS A NEW SET OF PAINTS - RIGHT? Or should we just buy yellow :)