Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chicken pox

So its still March and so far I think I have posted every month, so far so good for 2008.
Dathen has the chicken pox, he is doing really good with them. He hardly scratches them yet and they don't look to bad. The worst is at night. I am not looking forward to Kyler having them. He will not understand "don't scratch".
Dathen has found out he loves ribs. I BBQ some last week and as he eat one he asked "where do ribs come from"
"pigs" I answered
"yuck,.... can I have another one"
He then had 2 more. I guess they tasted good enough that the fact they were from pigs did not matter.
Kyler is doing really good, he wants to do everything on his own. He not opens his own granola bars and fruit to go with sisccors, and will try to get his own water from the fridge. He was sleeping in his bed most of the night, but after the trip to Winnipeg he has come back to ours and I am not going to fight him, he is going to get sick in a few week with chicken pox and be in out bed then so I will wait till that is all done with before we go back to trying to get him in his bed. Is this not why we got a KING SIZE so the family would fit.
Kev is healthy again, he had the flu again (2nd time this year) and was out of commission for 7 days. But he is back in the game now. thank goodness!! I don't know if I could do this with a sick hubby and sick kids.

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