Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nothing to write

To day I don't really have anything to write, but because no one reads this that is ok. I am still sitting down and making time to write about the fact that I have nothing to write. I think keeping this Blog is important and the only way I will keep doing it is if I make it a habit. So even on days I have nothing to write I will write about that.  Being a soup kitchen day and the weather is so nice I did not think I was going to get much done today any way in the way of school so I am not stressed out that the kids have done nothing at is almost 2pm. Today was about getting out of the house, helping others and maybe a chance to talk to each other. I think 2 out of 3 is not bad.
     I was thinking about a question that was asked of my a few days ago, "do I ever go back and re read posts" my fist answer is no. But after thinking about it, yes, yes I do go back sometimes. I love my post about Franklin and it always makes me smile. I still feel the same way about the turtle, even now we are past reading him.
     We got box car and one eye jack books this week with math and money games. So far we really like them. We have only played 3 but they went over well.
     For nothing to write I guess I found something. And I worked on my typing skills. 

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