Thursday, December 22, 2005

train to winnipeg

The train ride went well when we were finnaly on the train. It was a great ride. Dathen says it was wobbilie, but he liked the idea of walking around and playing. It was really nice for kev and I to, we did not have to worry about weather and we got to play with the boys for the ride, rather then trying to keep them happy in a car seat for 2 hours.
We hope our cats are doing ok, and there job. I guess we will find out when we get home.
Family is all gald to see us. We have only been here a day but I feel like we have done alot already! Its great to be able to have a whole week to see family. Dathen how ever will crash from this trip and be out for a week. He slept in his Aunty Heidis room last night but did not go to bed till 9:30 and then got up at 7:30. With no nap today or yesterday he is soooo tiered! But he does not want sleep incase he might miss something.
He has been to McDonalds for lunch, and out sleding today already. We will see what the night brings.


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