Tuesday, December 27, 2005

roll over roll over

Well at 3 months of age, Kyler rolled over. He showed dad his talinte frist going from back to tummy, left. He did it 3 times in a row for him. Then Kev moved him to the kitchen to show me and sure enough he did it again. I wonder if this means he will be crawling early, i sure hope not. I am not ready. But he was also nakked when he rolled over and I don't know if he can do it with clothes on yet.
What a trip we have had lots of ups and downs. Family is always like that though. We had a good time over all and now we are all tiered and ready to come home. One more day and we are back on the train. We miss the family but we also like the quite of our home. I miss my cats and my bed too.