Monday, December 19, 2005

up till midnight, just practice for new years

Well Dathen was up till midnight last night. yep you read right 12AM don't ask me how but he did and it was not like he was running around. Kyler was asleep and kevin and I were trying to get some sleep and there was dathen calling my name over and over again. Then he would come to our room and want to sleep in our bed and we would send him back to his. Finally at 12am I was asleep and Dathen managed to get Kevin to change his bum, and got back in our bed before kev did. By the time kev got to our room he was already under the covers and almost asleep.
So with so little sleep I figuered ya this should be a great nap day right, wrong. Dathen did not sleep, he played in his room quiltey for an hour but did not sleep. He did not even show signs of sleep. But at bed time he was out in 10 min. Thank goodness. I need my sleep too.

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