Saturday, December 17, 2005

skating 101

Dathen went skating today for the first time on ice. We bought him 2 blad ice skates to he would have more balance. We all bundeled up and off we went. We learned alot today!
#1 don't make the drive to go ice skating longer then 2min.
#2 don't leave all bundaled up, you get to hot and its hard to redress a 3 year old in the car
#3 don't bother putting on your own skates, 3 year olds only skate for 2 min
#4 bring lots and lots of food, 2 min of skating makes you really hungry
#5 have a good reason why you don't have to wear a helmet but they do
#6 stroolers roll really well on ice!
#7 when looking at the temp out side make sure you add wind chill
#8 don't forget extra batteries for the camera.
All in all we had a good time but I think next time well will try an indoor rink, keep everyone a little warmer

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