Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dathen back in dippers

Well after many tears and lots of guilt and a little anger ( all by me) Dathen is back in dippers again today. I guess we just were not ready for the big step. I have to thank jen for her wonderful book she let me that gave me some great insite as to what was happening in my house the last 3 days. and I have stop beating myself up over it. Dathen is only 3 he can wait to use the potty he has his whole life to use it. He only gets one chance at learning what the potty is and being proud of useing it. He also only getts one chance at being 3 and if I focuse that year on useing potty what fun would that be for him or me. So I am going to cut us both a break and say dippers are just fine, besides potties can be more work some times.

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Blondie said...

There is no rush! When I trained my oldest it took me about 6 months becuase I tried to fast, too early. With the second I waited till she was ready, and then it was a brief 2 weeks. You're doing the right thing! Good luck!