Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dathens first Dentist trip

Dathen went to the dentist for the first time today. And he did great! he watched tv while they counted his teeth. That was really all they did and showed him around the office. He liked it so much we went back for his second trip today too. Actually we had to get them to check a tooth after he hit it against the shopping cart. We were at Zellars when I was tring to go into the washroom with the shopping cart the boys were in, (i did not have my stroller becuase its frozen into the trunk of my car) and the door came back at us so fast dathen fell and hit his front tooth against the railing. So I call the dentist, which we had just left an hour ago, to see if she could check it and she did. Yep there is a hairline fracture to it. But we decided to leave it for a week and see if it spreads or bothers him. If not we will leave it alone, if it does well will have to take it out. She does not like doing that unless she has to because the adult teeth can get moved around if there is not a baby tooth to hold its place.
But Dathen did great both times!!
As for potty training, Dathen does great with no cloths on, but as soon as there is one pice of fabric on his bumb he forgets what he is doing. I think I will just have to take a week off of play groups and work on this potty thing.

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