Saturday, January 28, 2006

Kyler sitting on his own

Well this is it Kyler is growing way to fast. He now sits on his own for 20 seconds at a time. that my not sound like much but it means that he is well on his way to sitting on his own. He also gets really mad if he is not sitting. He hates laying down and hates being on his tummy even more.
He did really good for his pics today, we will see how they turn out. oh if you did not hear we had a little mishap with our pics being done at Walmart. They have not been printing the profs so when I have had to pay
$70 for my pics that i want. I only use 5 of them. anyway when I askedthem to blow up a shot to 16x20 I got it back and it looks well it looks cheap. that is what i get for walmart. anyway I went to a real photographer this weekednd and had a great time. and will end up spending the same money.
Well got to go he is calling for food.

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