Saturday, January 28, 2006

bath times are so much fun!

Last night was bath night. And like every bath night Kyler and I went first in a nice warm bath. And Dathen went second in a cold bath. Now when I say cold you are probly thinking cool, louc warm, No I mean COLD!! So cold I will not go in it. Well last night Dad (kevin) put icecubes in. Yes icecubes not one or two, 12 fully frozen icecubes!! And dathen did not think anything of it. In fact he asked for more. We have decided he is training to be a polarbear. Crazy kid!
Kyler on the other hand likes it nice a hot just like mom. And last night he decided it would be fun to see if he could put ahole duck head in his mouth. And he did it, then got it stuck. I did not think to take a pictuer, but it was funny. He had the body of the duck hanging out of his mouth and you can tell he could not get it out, so I helped the little guy out a little. And what does he do? you got it tryed to put it right back in, so I got him a smaller duck that fit better. I guess he had dads big mouth :) Just kidding Kev.


Grandpa said...

Well we finally figured out how to log on and send a response. New technology on old brains sometimes is a challenge

Heather said...

hi Grandma is now on line and laughing