Monday, January 23, 2006

some mornings you just have to laugh!

This morning was one of those mornings. I just could not get going,but once i did everything went wrong!!
First I made Dathen a bunny (milk with pink bunny in it) well he wanted chocolate today not pink. I should have knowen right. Then Dathen says he does not want to go to play group. Great this is not going to be fun to get him out of the house. I go to get Klyer dressed, and notice we are low on dipper covers, well better do some loundry. I make sure Kyler is safe, he has been rolling over one or two times lately. Yep he is on the floor blankit under him in cause he pees good. I go put the washer on and come back. Well, Kyler his happy as a pig! because he is one! He rolled off the mate (about 5 rolls all the way over) and poohed on my rug, then rolled in it and wiggled in it. AHHHH!!! what a mess, ok it was my falt I left him naked. Then Dathen comes out and askes whats on the floor, I tell him Kyler poop, well you would have thought I said nucular wast. He would not walk in the living room. He jumped from chair to couch to blankit to front hall. I try to clean up as best I can only to find out we have no carpit cleaner left. Oh well I have to go out anyway. Now I have to bath Kyler by myself with dathen asking 100 questions. Oh what fun trying not to yell " I don't know!" ok everyone clean everyone dress out the door we go, wait I forgot something, oh ya me. I am in sweat paints t-shirt no underwear. ok i get dressed with dathen yelling at me to hurry up. Finnaly we all get out the door, the day has to get better right :)


Jenn_Pollack said...


That is awesome!! Way to go Kyler keep that mommy on her toes!


Poor Cheryl

Grandpa said...

I hope you took time for a picture or two. It sounds like a "Kodak" moment.


Heather said...

so sorry for you but that is children never a dull moment
hugs Mom