Wednesday, January 25, 2006

about the potty (of course)

Well he did just what they (being every book, person, and other source I could find for infromation) said he would do. I left it alone and Dathen used the potty. Not once or twice but for the hole day! not one accident. And he did it all by himself. He did not want me there he even did it in the dark. I forgot to leave the light on, but that did not stop him. I asked if he wanted dipers or underware, he picked underwear and away he went. We even went for a car ride to get kev and there were no problems. I am so proud of him.
We will see what tomorow brings. If he picks underwear great, if not its up to him.

Kyler sure loves his brother, I try and try to get him to laugh. Dathen walks up to him says "were are those big smiles" and kyler smiles and laugh for him on comand. I hope they stay this close. I konw they well have there days, weeks and months.

Kyler had carrots tonight for the first time. He did not know what to think, other then "why wont you give me the spoon?" He loves to feed himself!! But being orange I wanted them to stay a little contained. I can not belive he is eating soileds already, I know its early by all the books, but I knew he was ready and he sure is! He will even put those baby cookies to his mouth and eat them. When he drops them he will pick them out of his toys and eat it again. He is so smart.

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Heather said...

you know he will learn on his own time