Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We hear but do we listen?

Its 12:30 am and dathen crawls into my bed. "Yuck" he says. "Whats yuck" I ask, he does not replie. I have just finished feeding Kyler so I am really tiered. I drifft off to sleep "Yuck" Dathen says again. "go to sleep" I say only half awake. "MOM, I'm going to peuk" he says, eyes still closed still lieing down. This half awake conversation continued for 1/2 an hour. Finnally I got up and draged dathen out of bed and gave him a glass of water to get ried of the "yucks". And went back to bed. But again he keeped telling me yuck and I asked if his tummy hurt he said no just yuck. I got out of bed and got him a sippy cup of water and some salted creackers, in hope of setteling his yucks thinking that they were gross burbs. He sat up and drank the water, gave me the cup layed down and by the time I turned to offer the creacker he was sitting up mouth open and .... yep you guessed it, he was sick all over the bed. Now Kevin with his lightning reflexes wiped off the covers and pulled his pillow out of the way. Mean while I am wearing peanutbutter and water all over my legs and all over the bed. Dathen lookes really sad, and starts to try to say sorry. I pull him to me and give him a big hug tell him he did not mean to and its my falt for not listing. He did say he wanted to peuk. And like his mom now that he has he feels much better and is all smiles.
So we set out to clean everyone up. First Dathen in new jammies and off to his clean bed. Then me with a fast wash down of my legs and new jammies too. Then the bed.. how do you get that smell out of a bed? Well fist at 1:30 am who do you call on for addives? the web of course. So kevin gets on the www and finds a few ways to try to clean the bed. My favorite is fire, but we will try a few others first.
Kev then takes residence on the sofa and I in the boys room on the floor. For about an hour every move dathen makes I am there with bucket in hand. But it all turns out to be just moving in his sleep.
The next moring we see how bad the smell is and decide that maybe we should just get a new bed. We have been saveing for awhile now and they have some good sales. So off we went bed searching. It will be delivered next thurday.
So the moral of my story, don't just hear your kids listing when they say "yuck"

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Blondie said...

Cheryl!! You are a good mom. Having the kids in bed, doing what you can to make sure everybody sleeps and then having someone puke in the bed!! Yikes. Good for you for not getting mad at him. I remember when my oldest was about 2 years old - I awoke to horrible sounds, I ran to her room to find her walking down the bed toward me puking all over me, the bed and her - nothing like a shower at 2 in the morning!! I love reading your blog!! Thanks for the updates! I'll email you in case you haven't figured out who I am!!