Thursday, December 29, 2005

home again

Well we are home in brandon again. The train ride went well. In fact Dathen had a better time this time because he knew what it was all about. When we got to brandon, they had over booked the train so not everyone got a regualer seat. some had to sit in the sky car till there were seat avaliable. Kev got all the stuff on the car no problem. and we made it home in 15 min. driving was good. The cats are really really mad at us! Polaris is coming around alot faster then Blitzen is. I think Blitzen might take awhile still to forgive us.
Kyler has decided that rolling one way was not enough, he now rolles front to back and back to front. he is almost 4 months old and really wants to be on the move! still hates to be put down for 2 seconds but now that he is moving more on his own, i think it will be getting better. I hope

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