Saturday, February 18, 2006

gone country

I grow up with the saying " I feel like I have been hit by a Mac truck." It was said when you are sick and full run down and all over yucky. No not knowing the brands of trucks I would say "I feel like I have been hit by a semi." Well this morning I had a new thought, one that made me relise that in the few months that we have been here the country girl is coming out. "I feel like I was hit by a tractor." When I relised that it was no longer a semi but now a tractor I knew I no longer had a strong hold on my city roots. I think I will be in truble if I start saying "I feel like I was hit by a john deer 5025" ( a modle of tractor)
So I ask my big city family and friends to watch me carfully and if I start to say "yu'a"l or "diggity", you envite me to see the big lights there, get me conectted with my cement roots.
Untill then I will try to keep a blanace on this here post fence, one foot in the golden weat fildes and one on the cold side walk.


Chris Llewellyn said...

Ummmm Brandon is a city....................

Jennifer Pollack said...

Brandon lol.

I cant imagine how you and Kev would handle living in a REAL cowtown. The only store we have within a 20 min drive is Safeway. And the only restaurant is a Tim Hortons. Now that is a real canadian Cow Town lol and a huge population of 7000 :)

so no worries about turning fully cowgirl.

Not Jenny said...

we need to get a latte into you after a trip to the mall...STAT!

Heather said...

loved your blog made me laugh
ha ha

Jennifer Pollack said...

39,716 is the population of Brandon not huge but still to big to be a small country town. So you really dont need to worrie.

If you feel the need to dip your feet into the country life style try winkler or Gimli.