Tuesday, February 21, 2006

tierd little guys

My guys are tiered out! what a day we started at 7:30 with a game of tag and have not stopped moving till now. First we went to the YMCA for gym and run time. then home for lunch, then dathen was off to school. Now home again Dathen helped me make dinner, and now he is finnally sitting down to a snack. Go go go with that kid. Good thing I keep his days full. at lest it makes him sleep really well.
Dathen now reads his own calander so he knows what is going to happen each day. He is getting really good at it to. I made one of pictuers for him but he is learning the days of the week.
Kyler on the other had is haveing a hard day. I think he feels like he was hit by a stroller. He does not feel like himself. But thanks mom for the idea of water is a ziplock bag he loves it!

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