Monday, February 06, 2006

kyler now sitting on own all the time

Well its offical kyler now sitts on his own. I can put him down and walk away. he falls every once in awhile but most of the time he is fine. 5 months and 5 days and he is sitting. He is trying to help me type this. he is so intersted in the world. And he want to put it all in his mouth.
Dathen has found a new game that he loves!! Eye spy with my little eye. He plays in the car, in the house, even in the bath tub. He is learning his colors and shapes so fast with it!
Dathen supprized me again today, he wanted to wear underwear again. So he did and we even went out to play group then out to lunch and shopping. He only had one accident and that was mostly because he did not know where the bathroom was. But he did great! I guess we will see what this week brings. Hope he keeps it up but we will see no preasher.
Thanks to everyone in wpg we had a great stay! and they boys loved it! They are both very tiered but had a great time.


Jennifer Pollack said...

Wow your spelling is about as good as mine! LOL

Heather said...

just testing my reply to your blog Hugs Heather