Friday, February 10, 2006

Dare I say....

Well dare i say Dathen is potty trained? Its been one week and he had not wanted his dipers! he goes even when we are not at home. I can not belive how easy that was. One day he just decied he did not want dipers, just like everyone said he would. And for a week now he has done great. not 100% but hay he has alot to think about with this and he is doing it on his own so I am not going to complain!
Now the real test will be this weekend if grandma and pappa come out.
Kyler is eating like a pig! in two ways, tonight he had butter squash and he loved it!! he eat 1/2 a jar, and he wore the other 1/2.
Yes I caved and bought his baby food. But it is beachnut. So its not that bad and he seem to like it more then some of the stuff I have made him. I guess we will see. I will still make fruit for him, because we have alot of that around. But I have haveing a hard time cookie carrots just for him.
Well better go its getting late.


Heather said...

ajust a note to say it is okay to buy baby food.

Heather said...

Happy Valentines day to all