Friday, February 17, 2006

What a great day to be inside!! -49 with the wind, I sure am not giong to venture out there. Its also great because Dathen and Kyler can use the day to recoupe from a crazy week. We are so bussy all week long that I look forward to fridays were we can just stay home and play some games, watch tv have a fire and laugh together.
I feel bad for Kev, he took the bus this morning I forgot to tell him to take the car so he must have frozen out there. oh well I know he would have dressed for it.
This week has gone great, dathen found a new friend Brianne. Well he has knowen her for awhile, but they had a play date and now are good friends. Kyler is sleeping more at night the last 2 nights anyway. other then this cold I can not shake things are looking good. hope all the family is doing well.

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