Tuesday, February 14, 2006

new toy for kyler

We open up one of kylers christmas gifts today. Its an activity walker. They can play with it sitting and then lear how to walk behind it. Kyler looked at it for a few minutes then picked up the sticker sheet and played with that for another 15. His brother on the other hand took the toy and ran up and down the hall with it, till he was out of breath. Neither one payed any attenchen to the box.
I just don't know what to do with Kyler, he get so bord with the toys we have. I don't know why. I try new things around the house like boxes and put things in and under them. I try little amounts of water on his high chair tray, I have tryed tv showed, music, walkes, everything I could think of, but he seems bord or frustrated with the world. I don't know if that is normal, Dathen was such a easy going baby, and he is a easy going kid, other then he want to invite everyone he meets over to our house. Kyler is just a challange to me in so many ways. Its great and tiering at the same time.
speaking of tiered I am headed off to bed, we had a early morning, 3:00 am early. Kyler decided it was time to play and made a lot of noise about it!
good night all

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Heather said...

of course the second son is a challenge thats his job.
All kidding aside maybe he would like the same type of toys his mom played with? Are their any toy stores that have eductational toys.
When you were little I only bougt Those kind. Malybe he is like his mom who did not play with reghular k-mart kind of toys.When she was little.
hope this helps