Sunday, March 19, 2006

I can laugh because its not me

This morning Dathen wanted to get up at 6:30, well being a weekend Kev and I were hoping to sleep in. Kev told Dathen who is very good at telling were the big hand of a clock is, that "when the big hand points up" he was aloud to get out of bed. Only 10 minutes lated Dathen calles from his room, "dad I made it point up can I get up now". Kev goes and looks and sure enought Dathen reached his clock and MADE the big hand point up. So kev being true to his word let him get up. Kev also being a great guy let me sleep till 9:30. What a sweety.
I just had to write this story mostly because it was not me walking around in a fog at 6:30 on a sunday morning.

I am looking for ideas on how to get Dathen to eat with us for one meal a day. Any ideas out there would be great. Right now he bits and leaves. We have the rule of no food out of the kitchen, so he just makes like a squirrel and fills his checks then leaves.


Blondie said...

fill his plate with only what he can handle (maybe a little less). then he won't be overwhelmed. Try talking about it during the day, prep him for the idea all day long and eventually it will stick without the fight.... Or if you want to take a hard line - make consequences that he can relate to and stick to arguing or fighting - simply if he does A, then you do B and that's it...

Heather said...

good luck
try him filling his plate and see if that helps.
I thought he was a graser at this age.

Jennifer Pollack said...

My sister in laws make it a game they get excited about dinner time and reward them for eating everything!

It works their 1 2 4 and 5 yr olds all eat at the table even waiting till everyone is done!!

GRANDPA said...

THAT IS ONE SMART GRANDSON! Move the time to suit you so time doesn't contol him WOW.
Getting him to eat when you do involves the followimg struggle but yet simplicity.....he sits at the table at suppertime until EVERONE is finished. Even if he doesn't eat anything he stays at the table. Ensure you engage him in a good conversation and happy thoughts BUT he simply sits until everyone is done. OK - Yes you will have to put up with some pouts and less than great dinner times but you just have to outlast him. Sorry to squeel on you pal but thems the truth!

Heather said...

smart about changing the clock
a sweetie for sure