Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rickys party

Well dathen got to go to his friends birthday party, well not really a party just the two of them. He had a great time. we took them blowing then dinner at thunrderbird bowling lane. They have a huge play area and the boys played and played and got really sweaty and hot, and really really tired! It was great! Ricky is now 5 and his little sister is almost 4, but dathen seems to love older kids, and Ricky likes Dathen so it works out well! It seems that after playing with older kids Dathen is more like himself again too. He does not whine about as much and he is more indapentent. I hope we can see Ricky and his mom again, we had a great time!

Poor Kyler he is either teething or just sick. He has been very hard to make happy the last few days. I hope he feels better soon, just so I can get some sleep.

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Heather said...

great pictures
sorry Kyler is sick.
hugs mom