Wednesday, March 08, 2006

a lot to think about

I guess I did not relise just how bad kev and I are about returning things people buy for us. I never stopped and looked at how often we do it, or what it says to the person we do it to. Gifts are a very touchy thing. some people put a lot of thought in it and get you just what youwant, other put alot of thought in it and dont get you what you want. Some just buy something because they feel they should. So what do you do if its something you don't want or need or like? do you say something? Just keep it and sell it in a yard sale, or give it to someone else who does not want it. I think that is a wast of money, and money is very short in our house. I want presents to be a thing of need or desire. I do not want my money wasted on something people do not want. I would like to be told, so I can make it better. I would hate to think my gift, my money, is going to wast. But I see not everyone thinks like me. Some people want us to just accept the gift and keep it in the closet for a year then give it to charity, sell it, or re-gift it to someone else who may not want it.
What to do what to do... I know the polite thing is to say thank you and keep it in the closet, but who said I was polite? :)


Jennifer Pollack said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree!

Heather said...

you can return anything i purchase as i believe when i give a gift thatis what it is a gift.Once it is your gift it is yours to do as you please.
love mom

Jennifer Pollack said...

What to do what to do... ?

Well here goes my two cents :)

Bet your regret having given me your blog. HEHEHE

In our life time mine yours kevs, we have never been denied food water or shelter our parents have always provided theses gifts of life to us.

We also never went with out gifts on special occasions. We were never denied anything in life.

You might say I never got those 80 dollar shoes I wanted. but the thing you are missing is the difference between want and need.

When a person buys you a gift it is because they want to. Because they want to make you feel special. You can not put a price tag on these things. It is the moment not the gift that should make the memory.

You also cant dictate to people exactly what you want and where to get it. Besides this being rude it takes all the fun out of shopping for someone. PLus the things on your list might be in their eyes a waste.

Gift giving is an everyday event.

if you buy a fish for child.
donate to a charity
help a old women across the street
or smile at the person that looks a little down today.

These gifts all have the same value.

I think if you were to stop putting an expectation out there on people and yourself, you would enjoy this process much more.

You have a roof over your head food on your table a husband who loves you and has given you the gift of two children, really what more do you need!

Someone once told me that it is the people in life who have nothing that arte the happiest and most thankful.

This is very true.

The next time you see a single mom having a bad day offer a friendly conversation.

Thank the cashier that rings through your groceries

Ask your waitress how her day went

Always say I love you to choose you care about before you fall asleep and every time they leave.

These are gifts that are priceless.

Enjoy life, enjoy your family stop thinking into things to much!

opps deleted it as I was reading everyones comments!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jen
I dont know who she is but she makes sence.

Anonymous said...

Returning gifts can be rude you have to remeber that it the though that counts.

Returning gifts is even more rude then re-gifting!