Monday, March 13, 2006

who ever thought I was this popular?

I just check my counter states and wow, who knew so many people would read what I have to write about my little world. I never know people had the time to read this if they were not family who wanted to know what was going on out here.
Well we still have 3 fish I was not sure last night if we would, but we do. Dathen loves feeding them, its a good thing we only let him do it 3 times a week and I measuer out the food. Or else they would be really fat!!!
unfortunaly we still have one very stinky fish!


Jennifer Pollack said...

Hey if you ever go away on vacation they have these really cool things at petcetra to feed your fish. Its like 3 bucks all you do is drop it in the tank and the fish can pick at it.

But it disolves slow enough that they wont over t it is actualyl pretty neat.

It is crazy how may people actually read blogs that you dont know!

I have found some pretty neat blog from posts that people left on mine. Mostly my art blog.

Its a crazy world out there!

Heather said...

Glad to here all is well in the fish world