Sunday, April 02, 2006

two teeth to many

Well this maybe the end to breast feeding. Kyler has 2 teeth now on the bottem and this weekend bit me so hard there was blood. He has never done this before or again, but it made me think long and hard how much longer I want to do this. We are just playing it by ear (or pain) right now.
Dathen has found a new friend and now we may never find him again. Jackson live 3 doors down and one up for us. He has just turned 4, he and Dathen have really hit it off! They are best friends. Jack has a little brother 18 months, and thier mom and dad are like us and always outside with the boys. Dathen went over to call on Jack today and end up watching tv for 1/2 hour and then was back outside again. I think Deb (jacks mom) and I will be spending alot of time on my swing watching the boys at the park.
I love where we live. the park out the door is great!
Our yard sell went really really well. tolal at the end of the day was $310.98. We found a few pennies. Not bad for a yard sale.


Heather said...

Fantastic that Dathen has found a new friend so close.
Sorry to hear about Kyler biting you that must have been painfull.

Blondie said...

A trick I used was - when they bite - pull them in so close they can't breath - they have to let go, and they get the message real fast that they shouldn't be biting!! Another one is just stop for hte moment, if they try and bite again, stop, don't let them nurse till they do it without biting!! Good luck.