Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kylers first tooth. i think

Well I have felt it and Kyler yells at me to tell me its there but kev is the only one who has seen this first tooth. Its a bottom right front, so far that is all kev can see but I think that there are more not far behind. Poor little guy really does not teeth well, but who can blame the little guy it must really hurt! I keep telling myself that, all day and night while he is fussing and screamiing, and crying and pulling my hair. Note my hair not his, i guess he figures I shoule feel his pain too. But now I don't know what I am going to tell Dathen when he sees this tooth, up till now its been a great reason why Kyler can not eat things. "no sweaty kyler can not eat pizza he has no teeth, no dear kyler can not eat hambergs he has no teeth...." you get the pictuer. Now what am I going to say, I have been cought in a lie to him, darn. And he is so smart he will tell me so, "but mom now he has teeth". ahhh what will I do with such smart boys, speaking of whom are calling, got to go.

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Heather said...

Maybe telling Dathen. Kyler has to have as many teeth as he does.
worth a try
Did Dathen recieve the el-mail card I sent?