Tuesday, June 13, 2006

never said and hope I never do

I went to the movies with just dathen and me to see Cars. Its great by the way. but when we left we saw a some kids playing at the exit, they were just sliding down the ramp waiting for moms dad or brothers to be done in the bathroom. ann every single on of them got told "don't do that you will get dirty". No were these parents not told kids come washable? cloths too. I have never said this to Dathen (that I know of) and I hope I never do. Half the fun of being a kid is getting dirty. If you can't do it when your a kid when are you going to? There is lots of time in life to be clean and proper but only one childhood.


Not Jenny said...

here here!

Jennifer Pollack said...


totally true.

Although one of the most dirty GERM infested things in a hand rail. Studies show that alot of colds are past on that way. N
Not to mentiont he amount of people that dont wash their hands after going to the bathroom. So I can see it from there side to!!

But yes kids should get to play and be dirty all they want!!

Anonymous said...

God bless moms who want kids to be kids. The "heavy stuff" comes at us fast enough thank you very much! Just so long as they are playing SAFE then let them be kids.

Hey Dathen you and grandpa will go fishing and handle smelly minnows and stinky fish on the long weekend then come home and have hotdogs..........think we should wash up before the hotdogs????

Anonymous said...


There is a difference between These two enviroments a fish compared to a dirty mans Hand.

Think about it a man has a STD and he just went pee and didnt wash his hands this man uses the railing on the way out now do you want you kid rubbing his face in that!!!

Sure be kids but be AWARE of the gross things people do!

not washing your hands after fishing what ever that is differnt! Ever heard the exspression Urine mints!!!