Saturday, June 10, 2006

summer fare

You know its summer when the fare comes to town. In Brandon the fare is here June 7-11th, so we had to vernture out yesterday and see what it was all about. I have learned from the past that Dathen MUST go with a friend, mom is just not cool enough. So we arranged to go with his friend Jackson and Terry (jacks dad). The midway opens at 2:00 so we headed there early to skip the croweds, its a friday afternoon and cool and rainy so I hoped there would not be to many people anyway. And we lucked out the boys did not have to wait in line for anything. We got the all you can ride wrist band for $25. And they made it worth it. They went on every ride they could twice at lest. They played games and shared a bag of cotten candy. By 5:30 I thought Dathen could use some down time, so I mentiend to Terry we should think about going home. Well Terry (no being expereaced with childeren way to tiered) found other people he and Jack knew and said we would get a ride home with them. Ok Dathen really needed down time before he melted down so we came home, had some cheap hot dog (not $4 each) and met up with dad (Kev). After only 1 1/2 hours at home Dathen was ready to go again, so we all went back to the fare. We found Jackson again and went on the rides again and again and again and well you get the picture. We stopped for sanck of mini dohnuts and water, and were off again.
After 2 more hours with Jack, Dathen now wanted to go on different rides then Jack so we went our sperate ways. But hay rides are no fun with out a friend, so Dathen found a little boy about his size and became friends with him. (oh to be a child and make friends that easy again). Seth was 5 1/2 but about the same size as Dathen so it worked well. The two of them contimued on for another hour, its now 11:00PM and we finnially see sighs that Dathen might leave, so we pounce on them. At 11:30 he flops into bed saying " I am not tiered!!" 11:32 he is asleep.
To say he liked the fare would be an understament, the first things out of his mouth the next morning were "are we going to the rides again". But he did make use of the wrist band and we did go the best day, there were next to no lines the whole time, and when there was a line they did not mind waiting in it. We hope today will me a nice quite day to recupe.

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Jennifer Pollack said...


I remember goign to charleswood in motion with Kev and Roger! that was fun times!

Hope everything is going well for you Kev. Hope to see you soon agian!