Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kyler to the ER

Kyler went to the ER tonight. Yep 10months old and off the the ER for a self inflected problem. Silly kid ate something off the ground. Here is the whole story...
At 7pm or so we were all outside building a fort with all the brocken branches from the storm the previce night, why Kyler looks on the ground and thinks "that looks better then what mom gives me," and puts it in his mouth. Kevin looks down just to see his little hands come away from his mouth and relises he has something in there. Dad picks up Kyler and prys his mouth open, only to find it empty, Kyler in the mean time has learned to swallow things fast after you have been seen eating something. Kyler does some spitly and coughing, but he can breath and seems fine...well what goes in must come out right. So we deside to leave well enough alone. At 9pm well past bed time for Kyler, he spits up blood, then again at 10pm. Ok now mom is worried, off we go to the ER because that is all that is open. I know I can not drive there so dad must, but dathen is asleep, so we call on out nabories and firends deb and terry to come keep a ear on dathen while we drive kyler to the hospital. Thanks god for friends like them!!
At the hospital Kyler gets x-rayed poked, prouded and lights flashed at him. Not untill the perdatricion did I find out we were very close to haveing a big problem on our hands. Kyler ate something that was now stuck in his throut, if his neck muscels relaxed it could fall into his lungs, or is stomic. It was a 50% it would go the right way (stomic is what your rooting for) The doctor decided to try to reach in and see if he could pull it out. I held Kyler very close and very tight as the Doctor puts a pair of twisers down my sons throut and says, " now hold still so I don't poke you" he was trying to be funny. Then he pulls out a ......guess.....what could case such havic and panic in a mother, grass seed. Yes GRASS SEED!! one little hard grass seed.
Ok deep breath I am home now and its late I am going to bed. Dathen will have no idea why I am so tiered tomorow and if I tell him because I had to take Kyler to the ER I'll get one of two reaction 1) is he ok, and we will be really careful around him all day or 2) Why didn't I get to go.
To all the mothers out there, know you are not the only one how looked the other way for 1/2 a second only to find herself at the ER later telling the story.


Grandpa Pratt said...

To Deb and Terry:
Our deepest thanks for being there when we could not be! Kyler's gratefull Grandpa and Grandma Pratt.

To Cheryl and Kevin - I "GUESS" it would not have helped much to call us in the middle of the night BUT next time let us know if you need help after Deb and terry have done their thing. We are only 2 hours away....well maybe 1 hour and 35 min. if our Grandsons are in trouble!!! :)

Not Jenny said...

I was happy to see Kyler's smiling face this afternoon--he didn't look worse for the wear. You were an extra-brave momma, Cheryl! I am glad you are ok too!

Blondie said...

REALLY glad it all worked out! Big hug coming your way!