Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dathens first sleep over

Who would have guessed that at 3 1/2 Dathen would be asking to have a friend sleep over, and that the friend would!! Jackson is soon to move so we thought while eveyone still lives in walking distance we should try it. they have been asking for weeks! So Jackson spent the night here last night. And I don't know about kevin but I have to say dad and mom you will be happy to hear dathen will to wonderfully at giving pay back for all my sleep overs! They did not go to sleep till 12:30 and they got up at 7:00! They did great though, there was not fighting, not big problems everyone brushed there teeth, jack even flossed them. They had popcorn for night time snacks, and a bath together. They got pancakes for breakfast, made by mom. I think they had a really good time. Later in the week we are going to try dathen sleeping there, I don't think it will work but he wants to try so hay why not, never know till you try. (perhaps I just don't WANT it to work)
Not to take away from Dathen but Kyler is trying to stand, he is letting go of things and thinks its really funny to fall on his bumb, i guess with cloth dipers there is lots of padding. he lastes about 4 seconds on his own.
Thats all I need to catch up on some sleep while I can.

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