Thursday, September 14, 2006

we are back!

sorry for not posting we lost internet for awhile. let see kyler had a birthday, he got lots of great things and saw lots of family! we had a great time. he stll is not walking on his own but i am not complaining, it nice. he is teething again now he will be up to 8 teeth when he is done these. he eats lots these days and as long as it comes from his brother he eats everything offered. i am still nursing, he does not want to stop and i am to lazy to force him to the bottel.
dathen is in school 3 afternoons a week, and started swimming lessons yesterday. he is my fish!
Kev is doing good and enjoying work, still ride his bike there and back. I am enjoying being at home well most days :) toy library is keeping me bussy. still don't have any kids before and after school but we are hopefull. I do have a girl coming at lunch which is good it forces me to come home and not eat out :)
well that is all in a fast nut shell we will try to keep up now that we have the internet back.

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Jennifer Pollack said...

Congratulations on kindergarten Dathan!

Both Hanz and Dakota started kindergarten this year as well.

Way to go kev Savingthe planet one bike ride at a time! :P

Just Buggin yah that is great.
friends of mine are moving to brandon TODAY! they have 2 boys as well I am going to give them your e-mail if thats ok let me know!