Friday, August 11, 2006

Kyler walks

I would not say it was for long 3 steps at most and it was more of pervenative of falling then walking, but Kyler took his first steps tonight. It maybe a week before he does it again, but he is so close and he just does not understand why he can't do it. He gets so mad if left behind by his brother. I think that is the real motivater here, to keep up with dathen.


Jennifer Pollack said...

Hey you know what would be really cool! Some pictures of kev and the kids! I hear there is a b-day party to night for a boy turning one. MAybe post some of them!! PLEASE :) or I will bug roger to do it! does roger and darcey have a blog?

Bill_ and_Gerda said...

Way to go Kyler love to see you soon auntie gerda