Wednesday, November 08, 2006

black and white and Dathens speach

My kids are so different! Dathen always wants me to play with him and entertain him. He needs my help to do anything, and everything. Its been a long road just to get him to dress himself and he still trys to get me to help. Kyler on the other hand want to do everything himself. He trys to pick out his own cloths, he gets his own dipper, will put stuff away and get out his own toys. He is very indendent, he plays by himslef, and usally walks away from me when I try to play with him. He wants what he wants and he will do it himself!
They are so different in so may ways this is just one, I can not wait to see how they grow up different, yet I want to keep this this size for ever, well maybe with out the dipars :)

Dathen started speach therapy this week. We started witht the "s" sound and he is doing really good! I think he will move quickly and learn fast. Even his teachers are saying its comeing back again. For a few months there his speach really slipped but its comeing agian. I think we will be ready for kindergarden next year. OH MY GOD!! My little boy in a big school.... (tear) not till next year, one step at a time.


Grandpa said...

Great news for Dathen's speech clases. Here is onefrom grandpa to prcatise SSSSSSSSucker

Jennifer Pollack said...

Just look at Kevin and Roger they were night and day growing up as well. At least with them being so different it will keep you on your toes, and you can learn lots from both of them. Their individualism is what makes them special. You wouldn’t want them to be the same. It is great that you put Dathen in speech therapy. I wish more parents would do this with their kids!

You should post some pictures of thoose kids!! As well as some of you and Kevin.