Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Big boy hair cut for Kyler

There is a reason they tell hairdressers not to cut there familys hair at home! I did the kids last night to try to save some money, and while Kyler was ok just wanted to see what I was doing, Dathen was another story!
We ended up both in tears and yelling at each other. I will not be doing that again. He did not want to sit, never mind sit still, he did not was to look up or down left or right. He was just going to fight me every step he could. We got it done with lots of hugs in the end and saying sorry and I love you, but it was not worth the $15 to take him somwhere.
Kyler did ok he just wanted to look and see what I was doing, which was in the back of his head. But I think i will take him to a hairdresser too next time and I will just stay with dogs.

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