Sunday, November 19, 2006

My hair like or not?

So what do you think? I am asking for your opinion do you like the dark hair or the light? I have been light for so long I can not deside if i like it. so please leave me your opinion, do you like the dark hair? Don't mind the silly smile kev got me laughing at him. He was telling me about Dathen mooning him.


Blondie said...

I like the dark hair!! Very flattering. What is your real colour???? I can't remember anymore LOL. Ahh, if only you live closer now that my kids would like streaks in their hair - they totally sit still!

Anonymous said...

The color you were born with is also nice! PRATT REDISH BLOND :)

However since you are my baby girl I'll say you look great in ant color.

Not Jenny said...

Your new hair looks great! A nice change for winter.Sony225

Anonymous said...

I like the new color if you were to straighten it and flip it out it would look really nice!