Sunday, December 10, 2006

x-mas tree

I was not looking forward to putting up the tree this year, cleaning the house finding space, dealing with the kids all the breakables, it just was not going to be fun. so i thought maybe i would not do it but then dathe started to ask for it. So thursday morning instead of going to the gym ( i got my work out doing this!) we dathen kyler and me (mom) put up the tree. the boys helped me tidey the living room and even helped me vacume. then dathen keeped kyler out of the way so i could get the tree out of the closet with out hurting any one. I set up the base took a big breath and said ok day hand me the pieces. I was going to let him do it but he could not reach, so after some trial he figured iut how HE wanted it and i was just the labor. I tell it was the hardest tree to put up. to not say no not that piece its to small or to big or just worng was HARD!!
Then I got out the lights and showed him how to walk around the tree with them to put them up he asked for help getting them to the top, but then he did the rest, and the red beads that came next....that was really hard on me, I like my trees just so, and well this is not my tree so I had to let go and it was a challange! But Dathen did it with the help of his brother, then I picked out the snowflake decoration, I figure they could take the most beating and still look good. So Dathen and Kyler put them on the tree.
So now I have a wonderful tree that was put together and decorated buy my boys, 1 and 4 years old. And one day when I have my perfict tree back I will look at these pictuers and smile, this year its a big test for me not to go and "fix" it or change it. And to let me be reminded I have to let some things go!


Blondie said...

wonderful - you brought a tear to my eye, and put a lump in my throat. Way to take that lesson and run with it. beautiful memory.

Anonymous said...

You were brave.
the kids look so happy.
They will treasure these pictures forever

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you. WHat's new!
The tears were flowing as I read this. This time spent with them is so important in forming their values in life.
Your boys will remember this always and have two cute pictures to look at if they forget. You seem to be following in someone's footsteps, and that is very good. That someone turned into a wonderful loving, caring adult. I couldn't love them or you more.