Friday, January 05, 2007

still here

I know I have not writen for awhile, but I have been very bussy trying to open my own business, looking after the kids, x-mas and new years. All that and I just don't find the insperation to write interseting storys about our lives everyday. And when I do think of them its 3 am or I am in the shower. So I am letting everyone know we are still here and still going to blog, when I have the time and some thing to write. If you really want to know how we are doing you can all ways call (dad) :)
So that said what have the boys done lately that was funny, .....Kyler learned how to take off his dipar in this cloths. That make life interesting! We some times put it one back wards to keep it on. Dathen can not wait to start school! He keeps asking if its a school day. oh and he got in a fight at mcdonalds yesterday. He actually punched a kid. mind you I think the kid deserved it I had to tell dathen that was not nice... yada yada yada. The kid would not leave dathen alone and keeped punching him, so finnaly dathen had had enough and turn around and hit the kid, just once but enough to get the point across. I still made him appolagise.
Well that is it for now untill I find more insperation, and time


Bill_ and_Gerda said...

HI, I know you got your hair cut and would like to see a picture of it. Your mother-in-law , Anna , told me how nice it looks . I would like to see it, love you from Gerda . Show it to the world babe.

Anonymous said...

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