Thursday, January 18, 2007

home for a week

Well its done ans I am now home for a week. the knee surgary went well we think. My doc is hopeful it fixed the problem, and now we have to wait and see.
I love Brandons hospital! the nurses were all fun adn the docs were all happy. the last thing i remember before going to sleep was my nurses dancing around and the doc saying "all we need is the song the first cut is the deepest" laughter and I was gone. the whole hospital staff that I saw was in a good mode and willing to answer any question I had.
now its the next day and I really feel it. I am tiered and sore today. my throwt is sore from the tub and my body is all over sore. so with lots of sleep and rest I should be doing good soon.
Thank goodness for family! Kev is staying home for a few days and Grandma Petursson is here to help dad keep the boys away from me. Which is actually a really hard task! Kyler just does not get it and Dathen gets it but still wants me to play he does not understand I am mentaily tiered to.
speaking of which I will be going back to bed now.

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Blondie said...

good luck and heal fast!!