Tuesday, March 20, 2007

new house, new job, big boys, lots of changes

Ok lets see we have moved into the house, all the boxes are unpacked. The buisness is up and running I am takeing dogs in for grooming. Dathen is regestered for French kindergarden, Kyler is talking more and more everyday. Kev avoided lossing his job, 2 other guys lost theres latley because of the buy out at simplot.
Dathen stayed the night at Valeries on sunday. I was not expecting it but he asked to and she wanted to so.... my heart broke but it means I am doing a good job, and he knowes I will always be here for him. He feels safe to stay the night at someone else, even when he is sick.
Kyler is growing like a weed!! He still does not say alot but its coming. He is still nursing, and I think he might be getting his 2 year molers already, he is only 18 months but as kev says he is always in a rush!
Alis is with us again and purple she has gotten me in the paper and on tv this week. She is happy I think, out for walks, seeing other dogs, playing with the kids.

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