Monday, February 12, 2007

I got it I got it!!

This is so exciting, I got it I got financing for womens enterprise centre!! They saw my buisness plain, read it and they think its a viable plain. This means more then just money, this means someone else belives in my buisness. Someone who does not know me thinks I can make this! its so exciting. there are a few things I need to do to get the money but I thinkI will be able to do them all in a week or two and then......YA OH I get the financing. I can not tell you how much this makes me happy. It feels like all the work I put into the buisness plan was worth it. It was alot of hard work and was even advised that they may come back and tell me to make changes, but they didn't. They liked it just the way it was, they thought it was clear, clean, and covered everything. I makes me proud!!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

PROUD YOU SHOULD BE! I know the work was long, hard and demanding. The pay off due to your EXTREAM committment is the cash.

I could not be any happier for you.


Blondie said...

WAY TO GO~!~ That is fabulous! As are you! Everything happens for a reason my friend - and things are coming together, house, BUSINESS, knee surgery - everything! Way to go. I would love to sit and chat with you about it all one day! Feel my hug - that is GREAT!