Monday, May 28, 2007

how are we doing?

Well we are doing good I guess. Dathen is keeping us on our toes. He is growing fast and learning things before we know it. He is learning new words and always has questions, it really tiering trying to answer them. Kyler is growing and getting to the age of frustration. He knows what we are saying, he knows what he wants, he just can not say it. Its all very frustrating. Alis is loving it here I think, she chases the hose, the lawnmore, the sand, the rocks, the wed wacker just about anything that moves. The cats are mad, we have not finished the screening in "their cat room" so they can no longer spend the day out there. (the bugs come into the house) But we will get there.
So that is the update for now, hope its enough for the family and friends. I just don't have alot to right to day.

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