Thursday, May 17, 2007

secutrity system

Ahh the joys for young childeren. Dathen is an early riser and be comeing very independent as was showen the other morning. We resently re-instaled our alarm system which was a good thing!! As kev an dI lay in bed sound alseep Dathen got up, got dressed and desided that the sun was up, therfor the world must be. He headed down stairs and unlocked the door. His plan was to go and call on Kielee from 2 doors away. Lucky for us this set off the alarm which woke kev and I up right away, kev went flying down the stairs to turn it off. Luckly it had not hit the big noise part yet. So Dathen was scared but not hearing impared yet. We explaind to dathen that he could not go call on his friends at 6:00 in the morning!!!
Ho the days for sleeping in how I miss the!!!


Blondie said...

oh you are going to have so many stories to tell at his "real" wedding!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I can undersdtand the boy! If the sun is up so should all the people be! I get that!! You and Kev will just have to start getting up earlier so my grnadson can have a FULL day :)
Send him to the lake with me and he, Magic and I can chase geese at 5:30 - 6:00 AM.
Remember ....the early bird and all that...

Not Jenny said...

TAG! If you are feeling bored (ha! as if!) you can do the meme I've tagged you for at my blog.



Anonymous said...

i remember when your brother
was 4. I though he was having a nap. he was outside riding his bike up and down the street. I was only clued in when my neighbor called and asked did I know Gordie was riding his bike outside. I said no I did not. good thing she looked out the window who knows how far he would have travelled.
hugs mom

Tree-sa said...

Yeah, my 4 yo is doing that. He wakes up in the morning and comes to see me with the report

Kenny: "Mom, the sun's up"

Me: -

K: "Mom, the sun's up"

M: -

K: "Mommy, the sun is shining"

M: -

K: "MOMMY - it's time to get up, the sun is up, it's not nighttime"

M: Wanna watch a movie? Just climb into bed w/mom and don't wake up your sister.